Remuneration has always been an emotive issue in financial services and remains so even today. However, we are confident that our fee structure is both fair to clients whilst allowing us to operate a profitable business.

In order to adhere to our commitment that all clients should be treated fairly, our fees are transparent and always disclosed prior to any work being carried out. There are two types of fee we may charge- initial and / or ongoing. For more detail, view our Private Client Charter here. However, below is a summary of our fee structure:

Initial Project Fees

Initial fees are for work to produce a financial plan in the first place, or where there is a significant change in direction required for an existing client. We assess the complexity of a client’s existing planning, their areas of need and the work involved in getting to the right advice. Before starting this work, we will present a client with a fee agreement with a fee covering all the work we believe is necessary.

A commission may be payable for protection work and will be fully disclosed before implementation.

For initial project work which does not involve implementation of investments, VAT is likely to be charged to clients. We will inform you whether your fee is liable to VAT or not.

Our initial project fee will:

Ongoing Service Fees

Epoch’s ongoing service fee is made up of three elements to cover our ongoing support of you:

Typically, non-"Transactional" clients pay between 0.7% and 1% of their portfolio value each year. We believe this is competitive in the marketplace whilst still allowing Epoch to add significant value to our clients’ affairs. We are proud that around 80% of Epoch's income is derived from ongoing fees which indicates the importance we place on long term client relationships.