Our Values

Epoch's values are about being, not doing and they underpin all our interactions with clients and other stakeholders.

Be Wise

Wisdom is knowledge rightly applied. Epoch advisers and staff have a wide range of technical expertise and knowledge but we pride ourselves most on the effective application of this to our clients’ needs.

Be Engaging

It is important that clients understand our planning advice. We believe that engaging our clients at all stages of the process is crucial to building a successful partnership.

Be Professional

Our clients’ financial planning needs are critical in achieving their personal goals. A comfortable and friendly relationship will help develop planning in an effective way; however, Epoch will always maintain a professional perspective providing challenge where appropriate.

Have Integrity

Epoch will be consistent in our actions, methods, principles, expectations and outcomes in all our dealings with clients and other stakeholders. We will be honest in our communications including being prepared to have tough conversations with clients and other stakeholders to maintain clarity of purpose and address unrealistic expectations on both sides. The application of best advice does in our experience sometimes lead to such tough conversations with clients whose circumstances and perspectives sometimes differ from the perceived industry norms.

Epoch will always put the client’s needs first and will ensure that clients understand the other perspectives in terms of sound financial planning and how this impacts on the advice provided.

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