Our Why

Standing out in a crowded market

Many IFAs and wealth managers have a page like this on their website where they explain their unique selling points (USPs). By definition, a USP is something unique whereas, in fact, we're all doing pretty much the same thing.

However, the way a business is organised, its client profile, people, resources, processes and technologies can allow it to do certain things better.

Enabling you to see your financial future

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We use novel tools to build your financial plan and explore together any barriers to success. Empowered with this knowledge, you are free to make critical decisions with confidence.

Aside from allowing you to gain a snapshot of the future, the greatest utility of financial modelling lies in its ability to test a range of different scenarios, e.g. when to retire, sell your business, or fund education.

It's through these discovery sessions where we uncover what matters to you and matters most deeply, and identify the available resources to construct an appropriate strategy. You can find out more about the cash flow modelling software we use here.

Please remember that cash flow modelling is not regulated by the FCA but advice arising may be regulated.

Having more time for you

In a nutshell, not only do we look after a relatively small number of wealthy clients, we also have a high ratio of support staff (non-fee earning) to planners (fee earning), which is different to some other firms. This ratio is vital for us as many of our clients have complex financial needs which require time, wisdom and a more dynamic relationship with their planner and team. Having a large client bank and minimal support can undermine service and advice quality. 

Whilst it's a hackneyed expression, our people truly are our business. We simply cannot deliver exemplary service without them.

Our team is passionate, skilled and empathetic and they are experienced at dealing with people just like you. Critically, all interests are aligned; by extending your success, the business as a whole flourishes.

Our clients get the attention they deserve, not the time we can spare them. You can meet the team here.

Having the right people looking after you

Of just under 15,000 FCA regulated firms in the UK, less than 10% are Chartered by the CII and fewer than 80 are accredited by the CISI (<1% of firms). We are both Chartered and Accredited - demonstrating both technical and practical financial planning nous.  Find out more about our awards and accreditations here

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Brilliant management of your money

If you're a Private Client or a business owner, once we understand you and have agreed a financial plan, its execution sits with our Investment Team. If you're a charity, Epoch can help you re-integrate with your incumbent Manager, organise a tender process to appoint a new one, or even select the appropriate solution on the trustees' behalf.

In our opinion, many IFAs focus on short term solutions at the expense of long-term financial planning and many wealth managers focus on investment management to the detriment of financial planning.

Please remember that past performance is no guide to the future. The value of investments can go down as well as up and cannot be guaranteed. You may get back less than you invested.

Focusing on people just like you

We do not cater to the mass market. We have honed our client proposition to help people with life-changing sums of money gain visibility and achieve financial autonomy. Our experience shows that with this new-found clarity and confidence, clients can back their decisions with conviction. 

Whilst this means we are careful who we take on as clients, it means those who we do take on can be assured that we can add significant value to their lives. We can demonstrate our added value through the cash flow model, which can take account of all fees.

Our clients tend to be:

  • owner managers of businesses . We help shareholder owners understand when they can get out of the rat-race and never have to work again, if that's what they want.
  • wealthy private clients . We advise both those who have made their own money and those who have inherited it. We understand the importance of building the value of wealth for future generations.
  • charities and other not-for-profit organisations . We enable trustees to ensure sound investment governance.

Find out more about the sorts of clients we look after here

Philanthropic and environmental values

We are mindful of the resources we use and how we impact the community we live and operate in, as well as the world as a whole. 

We commit at least 1% of profits to charity and community causes each year through our association with the Bath Percent Club. We are also a Carbon Zero company, offsetting our carbon footprint through investing in Carbon reducing technology, used in remote African communities. Read more here.

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